Rei fu Makandra Meki Politiki: verschil tussen versies

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*[[Anson P. Morrill]] (1803-1887), Postmaster of [[Kennebec County, Maine]] 1825-1841; [[Maine]] State Representative 1833 1880; Sheriff of [[Somerset County, Maine]] 1839; candidate for Governor of Maine 1853; Governor of Maine 1855-1861; delegate to the Republican National Convention 1856; U.S. Representative from Maine 1861-1863. Brother of Lot M. Morrill.
*[[Lot M. Morrill]] (1813-1883), Maine State Senator 1854-1856, Governor of Maine 1858-1861, U.S. Senator from Maine 1861-1876, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury 1876-1877. Brother of Anson P. Morrill.
<!--===The Mortons===
*[[Thruston B. Morton]] (1907–1982), congressman and Senator from [[Kentucky]], chairman of [[Republican National Committee]] (1959-1961); brother of Rogers
*[[Rogers Morton]] (1914–1979), congressman from [[Maryland]], chairman of RNC (1969-1971), Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Commerce; brother of Thruston--> <!-- sic -->
<!--''NOTE:'' The Mortons were not related to Vice President [[Levi P. Morton]].
===The Mortons of Florida and Virginia===